According To Charak Samhita life itself is defined as the combination of body ,sense organs, mind & soul the factor responsible for preventing decay death.

Ayurved is concerned with measures to protect Ayus, which includes healthy living along with therapeutic measures that relates to physical,mental,social & spiritual harmony. Ayurved has 3 theories pancha mahabhut,tridosh, sapt dhatu theory . Ayurvedavtaran (decent of Ayurved)-Brahma-Daksha prajapati-Indra-Bhardwaj-in turn Bhardwaj taught Ayurved to a group of assembled sages for the benefit of common man.

Quiz Programmes on Charak Samhita are organized every year. Students are made to understand the subject with audio visual methods.


Dr.Chander MohanProfessorDr.Ravi Raj PariharLecturer
Mrs.Beena RaniLecturer